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We Specialize in

Landscape Photography

"Through the Lens: Immersive Explorations of Earth's Diverse Landscapes, Capturing Nature's Majesty and Tranquility".

Architecture Photography

"Capturing the Essence and Grandeur of Human Design through Architecture Photography, Celebrating Structures, Spaces, and Urban Narratives".

Street Photography

"Urban Chronicles: A Photographic Journey through the Soul of City Life, Capturing Candid Moments, Diversity and Stories on the Streets".

Wildlife Photography

"Documenting the Majesty and Behavior of Earth's Wildlife Through the Lens, Preserving Moments of Natural Wonder and Biodiversity".

Portrait Photography

"Capturing the Essence and Emotions of Individuals Through Portrait Photography, Celebrating Diversity, Personality and Human Connection".

Mobile Photography

"Illuminating the World After Dark through the Art of Mobile Photography, Revealing Nocturnal Beauty, Celestial Wonders, and Urban Glow".

Steps in Our Works

We specialize in capturing moments and focus on understanding your vision and delivering exceptional images with creativity and professionalism.

  • 1. Concept

    "Exploring the Essence and Evolution of Photography as an Artistic Concept".

  • 2. PREPARE

    "Strategic Approaches and Essential Steps in Photography".

  • 3. RETOUCH

    "The Art and Technique of Photography Retouching".


    "The Art of Finalizing Photography for Maximum Impact".

    Smart, Creative & Awesome.

    A creative agency that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.

    Meet The Team Behind the Lens

    Discover the Creative Minds and Expertise Driving of Feriwala Studio's Commitment.

    Dipankar Sarkar Suman
    Photographer | Writer | Designer

    Master of Light and Emotion, Crafting Timeless Moments Through Photography.

    Trishan Chandra Das
    Photographer | Editor

    The Editorial Expertise and Innovation of Anusree, Editor-in-Chief at Feriwala Studio.

    Nirob Bishwas

    Nirob's Mastery of Visual Artistry and Creative Vision as an Esteemed Photographer.

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